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Citizen Portal

Download Mobile App (Zone wise)


  • GPS Based Tracking
    All garbage handling trucks are
    installed with VTS devices for
    real time route tracking, view vehicle stoppages,
    check route deviations, view fuel consumption etc.
  • Mobile based bin cleaning report
    Mobile application to report bin cleaning and staff attendance.
    Real time SMS delivery in case of vehicle breakdown.
  • eSBM Citizen Mobile App
    Citizen can lodge complaints, send bin photographs,
    view status of complaints,
    call ULB official etc.
  • Citizen Transparency Portal
    To check status of bin cleaning, lodge complaints,
    view status of complaints,
    give suggestions/ratings etc.

Advantages to ULB

  • eSBM platform is a state of the art ICT platform which utilizes web, GPS and mobile technology solutions to provide easy and effective real time monitoring and management of Solid Waste Management activities
  • eSBM platform will enable precise GPS mapping of all waste collection points in the city.
  • Provision to add new waste collection points in uncovered areas and relocation of underutilized bins.
  • ULB can plan routes for vehicle with waste collection points.
  • ULB official can check status of bin cleaning i.e. whether bin has been cleaned or not.
  • Photo of bin sent from the site by ULB staff before and after cleaning will ensure that the cleaning work has actually been done.
  • ULB staff can report quantity of waste disposed at disposal site.
  • ULB official can view number of vehicles which are “on duty”/”off duty.”
  • ULB official will be able to find exact location of vehicle at any time.
  • ULB official will be able to view path traversed by any vehicle and also check distance covered.
  • ULB official will be able to check vehicle halt timings – at scheduled bin locations and at unscheduled locations.
  • ULB officials can check whether vehicle is following defined route or deviating.
  • ULB officials can check no of trips made by each vehicle.
  • ULB officials can check speed monitoring, get over speeding alerts etc.
  • Vehicle staff can send breakdown report through SMS. ULB official can check location of alternate vehicle on map and assign the duty to nearby vehicle.
  • Through secured web portal, citizens can check status of cleanliness in the city, view status of bin cleaning in their area.
  • Citizens can lodge complaints, check complaint status, see contact details of concerned officials etc.
  • Transparency portal will thus help ULB’s to engage with citizens in a more participatory manner.
  • Admin portal displays various dashboards through which ULB officials can effectively monitor all activities related to Solid Waste Management.
  • ULB officials can check cleaning status of all bins and thus plan their activity for areas that need more focus, improvement etc.
  • Various reports related to SWM activities can be viewed in the admin portal. These reports are :
    • Daily/ Weekly/Monthly BIN cleaning report
    • Daily/weekly/Monthly Vehicle Trip report indicating distance travelled (Kms)/li>
    • Daily/weekly/Monthly Garbage disposal(MT) handling report
    • Staff attendance report Daily/weekly/monthly
    • Vehicle breakdown report
    • Citizen complaints receipt and disposal reports.
  • A mobile app has been developed specially for the ULB staff.
  • SWM handling staff now need not report to a central location for the purpose of marking attendance (biometric/paper based)
  • Instead, staff can now go directly to duty point and mark his attendance by taking Selfie from mobile phone.
  • App will include time and geo location of the image and send it to central system.
  • ULB admin staff can view real time status of staff who have reported at the duty points.
  • The app can also be used to send vehicle breakdown report to the central system.
  • Using this app, ULB staff can send trip reports to the central system.
  • Mobile app for citizens has been developed to help citizens lodge complaints related to bin cleaning, check status of their complaints, view contact details of concerned official etc.
  • Citizens can download mobile app from play store.
  • Before lodging any complaint related to bin cleaning, citizen needs to create profile or login using his/her face book / google account.
  • Citizens can also upload pictures and geo location details along with the complaint.
  • ULB officers can easily understand the problem by looking at the image sent by citizen and pin point location of the same through geo map.
  • ULB officers can easily understand the problem by looking at the image sent by citizen and pin point location of the same through geo map.

eSBM Mobile Applications

eSBM platform provides android based mobile applications for ULB staff, supervisors and citizens to assist them in various activities like precise mapping of bins, sending Geo Tagged Cleaning reports with photos lodging of complaints, attending complaints etc.

For ULB Staff

To be used by dumper vehicle drivers/staff.

Send Photographs

Staff can send photographs of bin(before and after lifting the solid waste), photographs of vehicle (full and empty) etc.


Staff can report breakdowns of vehicles.

Self Attendance

Staff can take self-attendance using this app.

Trip Report

Staff can send ‘start of trip’ and ‘end of trip’ report.

For Citizens

Citizen will be able to register complaints through mobile application.

Unique Id For Tracking

Unique ID shall be assigned to each complaint and automatically routed to the concerned official.

Contact Detail

Citizen will get instant SMS alert with contact details of official dealing with his/her complaint.

SMS/Email Updates

Citizens will get resolution updates through SMS and Email.

Dashboard Analytics

Dashboards to show detailed reports on complaint receipt and resolution, performance of officers, area wise analytics etc.


See what’s included in the App

ULB Home Page

Activity Reports

Other Reports

Cleaning Report

Citizen Home Page

Citizen Profile

Vehicle Location

Profile update

City Status

eSBM progress in nutshell

States Covered
Cities Covered
Vehicles Tracked
Bins Monitored

About eSBM

Ministry of Urban Development, GOI has selected Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) as technology partner for providing ICT platform to effectively monitor solid waste management (SWM) activities in 4041 Urban Local Bodies of India. In this regard, MOU was signed between the two departments on 21st March 2016

Main objective of this technology platform is to track and monitor vehicles engaged in collection and disposal of solid waste in ULBs. Additional activities include:

  • Monitoring of fleet status by vehicle tracking status(GPS Based)
  • MIS for waste collection and transportation
  • Real time SMS Delivery for vehicle breakdown and maintenance
  • Transparency in civic administration.

eSBM is a world class solution developed by BSNL for meeting the above objectives. It comprises of Web and Mobile applications integrated with VTS Devices to provide unmatched solution to ULBs. This platform effectively addresses citizen concerns as well.

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